The wheel of fortune, oh how it spins

I am not going to condone gambling. In the long run only the bookies can win. But, for now at least, hats off to Vatche Cherchian who has written his most fluent post yet. It revolves around an intoxicating night at the casino table. Nevertheless, this remains my favourite piece of journalism on the culture of gambling.


A most majestic list

Our very own HRH Doyin graces us with a post about the 50 most powerful and influential black women in Britain. She writes, “I personally have found that black women, in fact ethnic minority women in general, do not appear to have a voice and are rarely featured in the British media. When they are it tends to be for negative reasons. So it is nice to see 50 black women receive positive recognition.”

Click through to read more about one of the Britain’s first black female judges, Constance Briscoe … .

The trouble with MySpace

The responses were … not the intelligent answers I had hoped for, instead it was a lot of people with big egos trying to say something clever and funny, which of course turned out to be neither”. Maia Pollo gets frustrated with the quality of debate on MySpace.

Free Daniele Mastrogiacomo

He’s a journalist who has been taken capture by the Taliban. The Italian newspaper La Repubblica is running a campaign to free him. It appears that the reporter was originally taken hostage because he was thought to be British reporter John Nichol. He is being held somewhere in Helman province. See Nato in Afghanistan for more details and possible updates.

The chips are up

Vartche Cherchian is back with a good story about the rise of female gamblers in UK casinos and elsewhere. He writes, “It is now a big trend among women and even when you go to a casino or card room, these days women are raking in money and are being swayed by the glamourisation of the industry.” But do women, on the whole, make better or worse gamblers than men?

Big business is watching her

Fran Singh reports that Pfizer Inc of New York has visited her blog over 10 times in the past 24 hours. It took the company less than eight hours to find the site after Fran made her first post. “I’m personally creeped out,” she writes, “however I suppose it’s only fair that if there are watchdogs for the Pharmaceutical companies that there be watchdogs for the watchdogs?” Which is very even-handed of her. See more: GlaxoSmithKline news, her unoffical blog about the company.

It comes with the territory

Please try to have a look at Jonross Swaby’s latest addition to GunLondon. Jonross has produced a map of the capital charting all the “recent shootings in London. It may be useful to observe the areas of the capital in which they are happening. I have produced a map below showing all of deaths and injuries by gun attacks since the start of February.”