State of play (ii)

Here are the details of the second snapshot of your traffic figures. It was taken this Monday afternoon and only includes those blogs with a webstats counter who have received over 100 visits (around 15 of you remain skulking beneath that particular threshold).

The first thing to notice is how the top five blogs last week still occupy the highest positions this week, although in a different order. If you look more closely at the figures you will see how Maia and Cecilia have almost doubled the amount of visits they have reveived at their sites in a week (or so); Katriona and Jonross remain steady away; while David has gone as flat as the horizon over the ocean.

Other winners include Fran and Vlora (indeed it really was a week where the girls simply outpaced the boys) and you can also see that there are a couple of blogs – although still low in the rankings – that have suddenly burst out of nowhere. Have a look at the traffic figures for both Ruth Jacob’s This is Catford and Louise’s Looking after your drinks. Both prove that even relative late comers can catch up quickly. We’ll take a final snapshot at the end of April, so there’s still plenty of time.

1). Size Zero 1,210
2). Nato in Afghanistan 1,155
3). War of graffiti 871
4). The first casualty 856
5). Gun London 625
6). GlaxoSmithKline news 581
7). Kosovo and Kosova 519
8). Gambling Crazy UK 445
9). Euro blog London 422
10). Ethical Shopping 405

11). A presciption for addiction 350
12). Black youth empowerment 283
13). How the congestion charge affects you 283
14). Foreign owners in football 270
15). This is Catford 259
16). Looking after your drinks 232
17). The clothes line 203
18). Sex and pregnancy 198
19). Multi-culturalism in the UK 180
20 ). Children of the Iraq War 167

bubbling under …

Go fly green 156
Death of the high street 143
Ethiopia’s interference in Somalia’s business 140
Drug experiences and news 127
Crossing the goal line 121
Empire of fake goods 118


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