State of play

The current top ten

This is a chart showing the current amount of unique visits received by individual City bloggers since installing a webstats4u counter.

1. War on Graffiti 782
2. Nato in Afghanistan 683
3. Size Zero 631
4. The first casualty 630
5. Gun London 403
6. Gambling Crazy UK 379
7. GlaxoSmithKline news 319
8. Kosovo or Kosovar 279
9. A prescription of addiction 258
10. Ethical shopping 256

Just bubbling under: Euroblog London 243; How the congestion charge affects you 238; The clothes line 161; Multiculturalism in the UK 144; Foreign owners in football 130; Black youth empowerment 123 and Go fly green with 105.

The rest remain below 100 or have not installed the webstats4u counter …


One response to “State of play

  1. For the record, citybloggers has received 552 visits in the same period

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