Blogging on drugs

Not literally you understand, but there’s a group of you blogging about them. First up, Srishti Mittal has launched A prescription for addiction, which examines why such “an alarming number of people rely more on drugs to carry out their complex lives.” Srishti’s blog focuses on over-the-counter drugs which, she points out, can be every bit as dangerous as the illegal kind.

Elsewhere, Megan Gillett returns with a blog about the use and abuse of narcotics, while Louise Naughton presents an even more specialist blog looking at the dangers of having your drink spiked with drugs. And that’s not all. Over at GlaxoSmithKline news, Fran Singh writes an incredibly heartfelt post about her mother’s former dependence on prescription drugs.


One response to “Blogging on drugs

  1. Dear all,
    while talking about drugs I invite u all to read my posts about opium trade.
    Not only to think about the victims of drugs in terms of addiction but also the victims of drugs in terms of those linked to that trade for surviving.
    Whoever does drug should think about the poor farmers that produce it.

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